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How to install SPC Click Flooring quickly?

How to install SPC floor quickly? 

The SPC Click Flooring can be completely nail-free, glue-free, and keel-free during the floor paving process, and it is a floor that can be directly laid on the original ground. Since the glue-free paving of the SPC lock floor is simple and convenient, easy to disassemble and reusable, it is especially suitable for exhibitions, home improvement, public installation and many other places!


The principle of locking, subverting the traditional installation, can be easily installed by one person!

It can be installed directly on the original tiles or on the floor without knocking off the old tiles. It is very suitable for renovation and renovation of old houses.


 SPC Click Flooring installation case:

First of all, clean the foundation ground to ensure that there are no sand particles on the ground, so as not to affect the later use of the floor and cause various minor problems. It is recommended that the unopened floor packaging be placed in the room within 24 hours before installation and wait for it to adapt to the bad environment. Temperature difference.

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The construction site preparation should be carried out according to the following steps:

Preparation tools: steel ruler, utility knife, rubber hammer, marker.


Check the flatness of the ground (use the ground flatness detector to detect the flatness of the base layer should be within 2 meters of ruler, and the height difference should be less than 2 mm) and whether there is a buried wire or a geothermal system. The stone-plastic lock floor does not require the ground. It is high enough to ensure that the ground is flat, old ceramic tiles, cement floors, and old floor surfaces can be used.


Laying moisture-proof mat: The lock floor itself is already moisture-proof, and the reason for laying moisture-proof cotton is to separate the ground from the floor to prevent some small sand particles on the ground from being cleaned and "squeaking" when walking. The sound can also enhance the sense of feet and achieve a mute effect.


Make sure that all room doors can be opened after the floor is laid: the method is to pre-lay a new floor above the floor mats, if the door cannot be opened, try to remove the door, and adjust the height of the door by cutting the bottom until it is suitable for opening and closing.

After consulting with the customer, determine the paving direction of the stone-plastic lock floor. It is recommended to lay the stone-plastic lock floor in the light direction. In order to prevent the floor from swelling due to heat, a 5-6mm wide expansion joint must be reserved on the wall when laying !


After choosing the paving method, start laying at a right-angled wall, align the buckles, and insert them as shown in the picture below with a 45-degree buckle, and then just lay it out.


7.jpgAfter the entire ground paving is completed, it enters the last process:

After installing the lock floor, if you need to install the anchor line, install the anchor line directly. If you don’t need to install the anchor line, directly hit the glass glue to close the wall, the gap between the lock floor and the wall, use glass The glue is closed, it will look more beautiful.




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