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Is SPC click flooring waterproof?

SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) Rigid core click vinyl flooring. With an ultra stable core, authentic designs and textures as well as having a built in underlay, being 100% waterproof flooring and an easy DIY friendly click system, makes this flooring one of the best and most versatile floor coverings available.

Why is the SPC floor waterproof?

It will begin with production technology. SPC floor is extruded PVC base material by extruder combined with T mold, PVC wear-resistant layer, PVC color film and PVC base material with three roller or four roller calender, one-time heating and fitting, embossing products, simple process, fitting by heat, do not add glue. The rigid core is the primary layer of the SPC floor that supports the waterproof and moisture-proof performance.


How to show the strong performance of the SPC floor?

The Hedsom® SPC floor complies with international standards, which means that the test result is passed even in the critical test requirements.. In a moist and water environment, the SPC floor is bibulous after being affected by humidity and still cannot rot, dilatancy & out of shape. It can still be seen as ordinary and guarantee people's normal lives.

Which place can be installed on the SPC floor?

Now talk about the application. The SPC floor can generally be used in residential and commercial areas, such as the domestic kitchen and bathroom. Typically, in the case of water on the floor, it is easy to clean and not to worry too much about the floor. Here are some examples for reference.

Is SPC click flooring waterproof?

The answer is "YES"


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