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Which sizes of SPC flooring are the popular choices?

Hedsom's SPC flooring has many sizes to choose from. Here we need to remind that some key indexes specify a piece of SPC floor.

Size, which means the length and width of each plank. The size of each plank will be used to calculate the area, and you will learn the total amount of pieces.

Thickness of plank, which means how thick each plank is. Thickness will cause you to worry about the weight of the goods, which is related to the delivery fee.

Thickness of the wear layer, which means resistance to wear. You need to know where you want to install the SPC floor. The public area has more people than the family residence, so a high density wear layer is required for the commercial site.

Bottom layer, is an additional back material for absorbing the noise from the surface. It will be included in the total thickness of each plank.


Here we attach the table list for an overall review.



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