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Why do I recommend Hedsom to you?

If you are still unsure which flooring supplier is a better choice, let me say more about Hedsom.

15 years of experience as a manufacturer

8000sqm working plant area with 12 PVC floor production lines. We have modern machines and automatic control during production. The main products are SPC floor and PVC LVT floor.

Pattern Design

Over 1200 types of patterns can be selected. We will provide an interior design sketch, which is a reference to having a complete picture of your room decoration. It will help to see a nice bedroom, living room or kitchen.

If you have a personal favorite color or any unique requirements from your designer, we can use it as a new color to design the entire vinyl film. The sample can be sent to you for a double check.

Package Design

Each distributor has its own package requirements. It's easy to make the same package here. Sometimes you are not sure how to design the package. Don't worry, our team can help you design a package that shows your brand.

Cost Consideration

Hedsom will make suggestions based on your actual application. As you know, the SPC floor is different in size and thickness. If you are not familiar with the specified items, please refer to the article as below:

Usually we will consider where it is used, residential area, light commercial or commercial area. The thickness of the wear layer is the key to checking, and it is also another key to the price.

Hedsom has a cost assessment team that helps calculate the SPC floor quantity according to the floor area and delivery fee. It will be a better combination of the number of pieces, the actual installation area and the delivery fee. The goal is to save costs.


For local customers, we can arrange the installation team and drive to your project location and bring all the installation tools. This installation team has been working for 5 years and has provided one-stop service for over 100 projects.


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