Hetergeneous PVC Vinyl Flooring Roll

Hetergeneous PVC Vinyl Flooring Roll

Hetergeneous PVC Vinyl Flooring Roll

PVC floor is a new type of light-body floor decoration material that is very popular in the world today, also known as "light-body floor material". PVC flooring is divided into sheets and coils in form. Coiled materials occupy a large proportion in foreign markets and almost occupy a monopoly position.


Perfect combination of beauty and practicality

Let's take a look at its advantages

1.Lightweight and thin, it is a light-weight building material, which can greatly reduce floor load and improve space utilization.

2.Green environmental protection, non-toxic and harmless, no radioactive pollution, belongs to the green environmental protection recyclable product.

3.Super wear-resistant, the same pattern and material are integrated into the same transparent structure. This kind of structure floor is recognized as the most durable of the elastic floor materials. It can be used in public places with large crowds, offices, commercial stores, supermarkets, hospitals, etc.

4.Waterproof and non-slip, PVC material, strong non-slip performance, astringent when exposed to water, can ensure the safety of the elderly and children.

5.Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, no deformation when exposed to water, effectively preventing insects, termites, etc.

6.Sound absorption and noise reduction, PVC floor material not only produces no noise, but also eliminates the noise between floors. It doesn't matter if you move or carry goods on it, it can create a quiet office and living environment.

7.It is very comfortable to walk on, with good foot feeling, elasticity and softness. The PVC floor can absorb impact, relieve knee fatigue and provide a more comfortable foot feeling.

8.Anti-scratch, prevent cigarette butt burns, occasionally large damage, easy to repair, no need to wax for life


he maintenance of PVC floor is very convenient. If the floor is dirty, wipe it with a mop. If you want to maintain the long-lasting bright effect of the floor, you only need to wax and maintain it regularly, and the maintenance frequency is much lower than other floors.

Antibacterial properties

The surface of the PVC floor has undergone special antibacterial treatment, so it is suitable for environments that require high sterilization and disinfection, such as hospital operating rooms.


Applicable to all major places

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