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How to choose SPC Click Flooring?

How to choose SPC Click Flooring?


1.Look at the thickness: the stone plastic flooring on the market is generally 3.2-8mm (without cork mat or IXPE mat), and the more commonly used thickness is 4mm and 5mm.

2.Look at the appearance: the surface has clear patterns, natural lines, no obvious stains, no pollution, scratches, and no damage.

3.Look at the splicing: randomly select two boards, put them together without height difference, and no obvious gap in the middle.

4.Look at the material: the cross-section of the floor board has no impurities, no pores, and a dense white substrate is better; green and black are mostly recycled floors. This kind of floor has low raw materials and will have peculiar smell and harmful substances.

5.Peeling resistance: the floor is broken and pulled hard, the surface decoration layer and the base material are not easily separated; the lock and the base layer are not easy to break apart




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